York Region keeps 190,000 tonnes of garbage

out of landfill in 2012

Amount equivalent to 38,000 garbage trucks

Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) confirmed The Regional Municipality of York’s diversion rate for 2012 was 57.25 per cent, placing York Region first in WDO’s Large Urban category.

“York Region and our local municipal partners are working together to implement a waste management program that meets the various needs of our residents and addresses the challenges of a growing population,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch. “When factoring in waste diverted from landfill through energy-from-waste, York Region’s diversion rate is an impressive 82 per cent.”

Waste diversion is attributed to many initiatives including the SM4RT Living Plan, a comprehensive Master Plan addressing planning and delivery of waste management programs in the Region for the next 25 to 40 years. The plan focuses on waste prevention and reuse, while maximizing diversion through recycling, composting and energy recovery options.

“These results are indicative of the leadership role York Region and our local municipal partners have assumed in solid waste management,” said Town of Richmond Hill Regional Councillor Vito

Spatafora, Chair of Environmental Services. “Through initiatives identified in the

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SM4RT Living Plan, we will continue to investigate methods of reducing the amount of waste generated and diverting what is left from landfill.”

Waste Diversion Ontario does not credit York Region for 80,212 tonnes of waste diverted from landfill to an energy-from-waste facility in 2012. As not all municipalities have access to this technology, WDO maintains a level playing-field by crediting only waste diverted through green bin and blue box initiatives.

For information on The Regional Municipality of York, please visit www.york.ca