Reinvesting in Roads to Ensure Safety for the Community

Council reiterated its commitment to continuing a high level of maintenance for the Town’s road network to ensure Richmond Hill remains a safe and sustainable community in awarding tender for the reconstruction of Toscanini Road to Pentad Construction for nearly $1 million. Funding for the project is included in the Town’s capital budget, as well as through a specific Reserve Fund. Construction is expected to commence in late-June 2008 and conclude in September 2008. Some temporary road closures may be required to facilitate road improvements within the project limits. Those affected by the temporary closures, including emergency services, will be notified in advance. Temporary road closure information can also be found on the Town’s Website at For more information, contact Grant Taylor, Manager of Construction at (905) 771-8800, ext. 3549. (From Committee of the Whole Meeting held on June 4, 2008; Staff Report SREPW.08.056, Agenda Item No. 11)

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